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In Canada we spend most of our time indoors and the air we breathe is often full of dust, pollens and allergens, mites, pet dander, chemicals, odours, smokes and sometimes even mould spores and other harmful particles.

Over 3 million Canadians cope with serious respiratory diseases.

However you don’t have to breathe the bad air anymore!

Introducing the new Naturo Pure HF series with multi-stage Air Purification Technology to revitalize and refresh the indoor air you are breathing.

Whether at home of work, you can now enjoy the small automated professional air purifiers. These multi-stage air purification systems use multiple different technologies at the same time to deal with different types of air pollutants.


HF 310A Multi-tehnology air purifier

Air Ionizer

  • Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as allergens (including mold and dust mites), fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, chemical fumes and other ultra-fine particles that a filter cannot capture.
  • Increases the effectiveness of the Hepa and activated carbon filter system by causing particles to magnetically attract together, resulting in larger particles that are easier for the filter to capture.
  • Disinfects viruses and bacteria trapped in the filtration bank of the
    NaturoPureTM HF 300D that would normally reproduce in the typical
  • Has the ability to remove airborne particles away from the air purifier, in areas of the room where the filter has little effect. This is due to the fact that ions can circulate throughout a room. Negative ion circulation is enhanced as a result of the fan.

Hepa Air Filter

  • Removes 99.97% of particles(.3 microns in size) that pass through the
    filter, preventing them from becoming into the air again. Largely considered the most effective type of air filter.
  • Captures a high volume of floating dust and other particles, including many of the ionized particles that would otherwise just settle to the ground if a typical ionizer were used.

Germicidal UV Light
  • UV (ultraviolet) light is scientifically proven to destroy a large variety
    of microbial contaminates, such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi (including mold).
  • Ultraviolet light has been used for years by the medical field (including
    hospitals) to sanitize rooms and equipment, in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease.
  • Recommended by Centers of Disease Control for its ability to destroy
    biological pollutants.

Activated Carbon Air Filter
  • Specializes in capturing and neutralizing chemicals, gases, odors and
    cigarette smoke, which the Hepa filter cannot capture.

Ozone option

  • In the Naturo Pure HF 300D, the ozone can be
    completely disabled if it is not needed or wanted, while still allowing the ionizer and filters to run at full power.

Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter

  • Preserves the life of other filters. The pre-filter captures the larger
    particles, so more pores can remain available in the activated carbon and HEPA air filters for the harder-to-remove pollutants.
  • Destroys bacteria to help prevent them from reproducing and recirculating into the air.


The Multi-Tech Advantage - For Each Technology



Superior Air Ionizer. The Multi-Tech Naturo Pure HF 300D uses stainless steel  ionizer pins, which are more durable than other ionizers. Besides durability, these ionizing pins produce a high negative ion output. The ionizer pins are located just inside the air outlet just above the fan, for maximum circulation throughout the room.

Superior Air Filter. The Hepa air filter cartridge is preceded by an activated carbon air filter and anti-bacterial pre-filter. This design
increases the life of the filter.

Superior UV Lamp. The Multi-Tech uses a "CCFL" (Cold Cathode)
ultraviolet lamp, which lasts longer than other UV lamps. This powerful UV lamp is placed just behind the Hepa air filter, to destroy the bacteria captured by the Hepa air filter, preventing the reproduction of bacteria and lengthening the life of the filter.

Superior Ozone Option. The most important characteristic of the
Multi-Tech XJ3000 ozone option is that it can be turned off, in case ozone is
not desired. It can also be adjusted to High, Medium, or Low, to produce the right amount for the situation or environment.

Superior Fan. The 3-speed fan is virtually silent on the low
setting, for quiet and non-disturbing air purification. The fan can be turned to a higher setting for increased effectiveness.

Superior Cost Efficiency. The Multi-Tech offers cost savings in
every aspect.  This air purifier uses only 40 watts of power, saving as much as hundreds of dollars in electricity consumption each year compared to other electronic air filters.


Multiple Technologies to attack multiple types of pollutants

Pollen, Dust, Pet Dander and other Allergens: Removed from air by
HEPA filter, ionizer, & pre filter.
Dust Mites: Removed from the air by HEPA filter & air ionizer, destroyed by
UV light.
Mould. Spores: Removed from air by HEPA filter & air ionizer, biologically deactivated UV light.
Chemicals and Gases: Absorbed by activated carbon filter, some neutralized by air ionizer.
Cigarette Smoke. Smoke particles: Removed by activated carbon filter and ionization, smell eliminated by activated carbon.
Bacteria: Trapped by HEPA filter, removed and disinfected by ionizer, destroyed by
UV light.
Viruses: Destroyed by UV light & air ionizer.
Strong Odours: Eliminated by
activated carbon, & UV light.