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NaturoPure Air Purifiers

In Canada, we spend most of our time indoors and the air we breathe is often full of dust, pollens and allergens, mites, pet dander, chemicals, odours, smokes and sometimes even mould spores and other harmful particles.
Over 3 million Canadians cope with serious respiratory diseases.
However you don’t have to breathe the bad air anymore!
Introducing the new Naturo Pure HF series with multi-stage Air Purification Technology to revitalize and refresh the indoor air you are breathing.
Whether at home of work, you can now enjoy the small automated professional air purifiers. These multi-stage air purification systems use multiple different technologies at the same time to deal with different types of
air pollutants.


Heaven Fresh Humidifiers

* Automatic digital humidity control, timer and shut off

* Variable spray control

* Silent operation

* Permanent filter for white dust, mould and bacteria

* Remote control

* Low power consumption

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Ville St-Laurent (Montreal) QC. H4R 2E9
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